Services for Trusts and Estates

Fiduciary Tax Return Preparation – Most estates and trusts are no longer subject to the “death tax.”  However, because income is often earned by these entities, annual fiduciary income tax returns are required for all but the smallest trusts and estates.  We assist trustees and executors in gathering the information needed to keep your trust or estate in compliance with all applicable tax laws.

Estate Tax Returns – Even if an estate tax return (the “death tax”) is not required, in some cases it is advisable, as the filing of the Form 706 could preserve valuable tax benefits for heirs.  We will discuss those cases where an estate tax return is advisable and allow you to make the decision.

Fiduciary Accounting – Many estates and trusts are required to provide a fiduciary accounting for monies received and spent.  The accounting is typically required annually.  We assist trustees and executors in gathering and preparing a fiduciary accounting for beneficiaries to keep them in compliance with applicable state laws.