Services for Individuals

Income Tax Preparation – Your tax information will never be sent to a foreign country for preparation.  We prepare all our tax returns in house.  Typical turnaround time is two weeks for clients that bring in complete information.  We also provide tax organizers to assist clients in gathering their tax data and obtaining every tax deduction allowed by law.

Tax Projections & Planning Services – Many accountants are like taillights – they’ll tell you where you’ve been.  It is often too late for planning when a tax return has been prepared.  Our clients tell us we’re like their headlights – we let you know where you’re going.  If your tax situation is changing, and you need a little peace of mind, consider getting a tax projection prepared by our office.  We offer constructive suggestions on ways to reduce your taxes before it is too late.

Retirement Planning – Are you ready for retirement?  Do you have enough saved?  What age is the best time to start taking Social Security?  Should you do a Roth IRA conversion?  We can answer these and other questions you might have.